Understanding A Liberated Woman

In today’s society when you hear the term liberated woman, this mostly refers to women who are independent and self-sufficient. They might have a career and families and manage to do it all and sometimes it can be difficult to understand and deal with a woman who is liberated because she does not want to be in a position where she has to rely on anyone to solve her problems or take care of her issues.

Sometimes it is a little difficult to get a handle on what a liberated woman expects from her male partners and families for that matter. She may well have had an old fashioned upbringing, where her father worked and her mother stayed at home keeping the home fires burning. Because the world has changed so much in the last fifty years, many women in their teens right up into their fifties or sixties are independent and liberated women.

Women’s liberation began in the sixties and surged forward into the seventies and women have worked extremely hard to be accepted in high power jobs and also for society to accept them as single, successful women if this is what they choose. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that a woman’s only goal is not to settle down, get married and start having children. These days many women are choosing to have children much later in life as they hope to get a career established first.

The parents of women who choose this road often feel uncomfortable and worry that they will not be around to see any grandchildren. The advancements in how women can become pregnant have made waiting and focusing on career first possible. Fertility treatment has come a long way and many women choose to wait and if it happens that a pregnancy does not happen once they start trying, they will usually seek out medical advice in the form of a fertility specialist.

When it comes to relationships with men, women are probably always going to insist on their own identity and independence, even if they choose to marry or enter into a serious relationship with a man. Just because a woman chooses to be liberated and independent does not mean that she will be a difficult partner within her relationships. Some men are not sure how to approach a woman who is clearly very independent. A strong woman is often a turn on for men, however there are times when men can feel threatened or not needed. This is very likely a mistake on the woman’s part as men need to be needed and it does not mean you are not independent if you rely on a man to help you with certain things.

In 2015, things have changed where women’s liberation is concerned. It is likely you will find a great many women who are big fans of some of the old fashioned values. They may still want to be liberated; however they also want stability and a happy family life. They have learned over time that years ago, many families stayed together, divorce was a dirty word and families stuck together. If you look hard enough and talk to enough women, it will become clear that independence is not as important as it once was.

A few years ago, men often commented that they were afraid to open the car door or any door for a woman in case they offended her, and this was true in some cases. Some women did get offended and often gave the guy some pretty serious attitude. Nowadays, this does not happen that much and when a man treats a woman well and behaves like a gentleman, women tend to appreciate this. Perhaps the old fashioned values that were around before generation X came along are becoming popular once again.

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