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Is there such a thing as the perfect sex toy for the two of you? Some gents don’t think that there are any sex toys that might suit them. After many years’ experience of dating gents at North London escorts, I know that many still think of sex toys as something for women to enjoy it. That is not true at all. Gents can enjoy sex toys as well, and I often advise my gents at North London escorts of to try to have some fun with a vibrator.

Personally I get a kick out of using a vibrator when I am with my boyfriend. At first, he was really reluctant to try it but he soon became kind of hooked. Gents often enjoy the good vibrations a vibrator can provide as much as ladies do. I mention this to the gents that I meet with at North London escorts and many of them are surprised. It could be that we are often stuck in sexual rut and do not think of the wonderful tools that we already have in our bedrooms can improve our sex lives. Anyway, that is what I think happens to my gents at North London escorts.

Many of the gents that I date at North London escorts are so anxious to please their partners, they often forget about themselves. A vibrator can be used to stimulate the pelvic area of a man easily. Of course, you do not want to set it up on the fiercest vibrations. Instead, you want to set in a low setting and use it to stimulate the scrotum and even the testicles. Many of my regular gents at North London escorts have tried and told me that they have really enjoyed it.

The trick is to be gentle, and you should never use a vibrator for anal sex. The vibrations can cause injuries which can easily become infected. It is better to use the vibrator for general stimulation. I know that one of my friends here at North London escorts uses the vibrator to stimulate her partner’s nipples. Another girl that I work with at North London escorts, sets her vibrator to a very low setting and uses it to stimulate her boyfriend’s penis. By moving it slowly up and down, she can even bring him to an orgasm.

If you like to try using a vibrator with your male partner, you need to start to explore things slowly. After all, men are rather delicate and can easily over react. You don’t want the fun to be over too quickly so you need to learn control. Once you have learned control, you can take things a little bit further and invest in other sex toys. Touch gloves is the latest thing and they can be enjoyed by both men and women. Butt plugs are another popular sex toy cupboard favorite which can be used by men and women. You may also look into things like nipple clamps. Both men and women suffer from sensitive nipples, and a bit of a squeeze can give you the most wonderful orgasms.

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